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  • Companies who will need to perform audits on their label printing process
  • Companies who need to have a secure and controlled label environment – only approved versions enter production
  • Companies who need to track history of modifications and printing
  •  Companies who need a central location to store label formats

LABEL ARCHIVE is used in conjunction with CODESOFT label design software. Once LABEL ARCHIVE is installed, the LABEL ARCHIVE menu will display under the CODESOFT File menu. From the LABEL ARCHIVE menu, you can check labels in and out, view printing history, and reprint labels.

Label approval and secure label storage for your entire organization. LABEL ARCHIVE’s features follow your label from initial approval to final distribution and everything in between. The robust print history allows you to track the process at every stage.


  • Compliance – Regulatory compliance requires security, traceability, and version control.  LABEL ARCHIVE provides the functionality you need to meet FDA and other industry standards.
  • Approval – Choose which label is ready for production and deny designs that are not. Eliminate errors with LABEL ARCHIVE’s instant notification capabilities through e-mail. When a label is created and submitted, you are alerted instantly. Multi-stage approval of label designs by designated reviewers ensures that only the appropriate labels make it into production, and rules can be adapted to your business requirements.
  • Security – LABEL ARCHIVE allows administrators to have the ability to easily create and maintain user groups and establish permissions to control access. User privileges can be as limited as print-only users. Windows Active Directory password protection offers an established layer of protection to your process.
  • Traceability – The system captures and reports on changes, comments, revisions, and print history for every label in your system. Complete and automatic version control offers access to older versions of your labels. Every draft is maintained so you can go back in time to access previous versions. A watermark keeps reprints and test labels from entering production.

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